Table of Contents


1) Your real estate agent is lying to you

2) The real estate industry is broken

3) It’s too easy to become a real estate agent

4) Are they really your agent?

5) Most agents do a terrible job

6) Real estate is a business decision

7) How the real estate industry is changing

8) How to find the best listing agent

9) How to find the best buyer’s agent

10) The future of the real estate industry


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Agents are liars! Ok, not all real estate agents are liars but, in my experience, many lie to get buyer and seller clients. This is especially true of agents when they talk to people who are considering selling a home. 

Real estate agents have two common sayings: buyers are liars, and sellers are stupid. In this book, I will show you that it’s actually the agents who are liars, and many are uneducated and, frankly, not very intelligent. 

This book is for home buyers and sellers who like to do business with honest and ethical people. It’s also for real estate agents who want to provide honest and ethical service. I’ve seen too many buyers and sellers lose thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to lying and scamming real estate agents. 

My goal is to educate home buyers and sellers, so they know what lies to watch out for and how to pick the best agents. I’d also love to help honest and ethical agents be more successful and lift the real estate industry to a higher level of service. 

I’m an insider, I’ve been an agent for 13 years, and I’ve seen it all. This book applies to any market conditions. It doesn’t matter whether prices are going up or down or if demand is weak or strong. The advice I give will always be beneficial to buyers and sellers.