Order your FREE pre-published copy - become an early reader and a member of my book launch team

What is a pre-published copy? You will receive a FREE electronic copy of the book in October. This is before the book publishing date. You will be an early reader and be among the first people to read this book. You will have the opportunity to help shape the final published version of the book. I’m not asking for you to edit my book, I’m just looking for high-level feedback and if you notice any major errors to let me know.

When will the book be published? I’m planning to publish in November after the election. I will be emailing early reader copies in October.

What do I need to do as an early reader and book launch team? There are five requirements:

  1. Read the book quickly.
  2. Provide feedback with your thoughts on the book. I will email you a link to provide feedback.
  3. Just before the book is published, I ask that you download a free copy of the final version on Amazon.com so you can then provide a verified buyer review. I will email you a link to download your free copy when it’s ready.
  4. After you download your free copy from Amazon, post a review on Amazon.com.
  5. Let your friends know about the book.

Are you an author? If so, I’d be happy to return the favor by reading your book and providing feedback and an Amazon review.

Do you know anyone who would like to receive a FREE pre-published copy and become an early reader? Please forward a link to this page to anyone you know who you think might be interested.

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